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Stopping The Spread

At Well-Man we are proud to have continued our service through the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, delivering prescriptions, groceries, takeaways and most importantly providing services to key workers across Hamilton, Blantyre and other local areas.

Now that lockdown is beginning to ease, we have made preparations to welcome you back as safely as possible. As in line with government guidelines all our drivers are now wearing facemasks during all journeys and are asked to sanitize their vehicle regularly. We also ask all our customers who are not exempt from doing so, to wear a face covering while entering the car, during the entire journey and also while exiting the vehicle. Also require by local authority regulations is that no customer can sit in the front passenger seat of the car, this is a rule that we are strictly enforcing and customers should take note of the reduce capacity when booking.

We also are delighted to announce that now more than half of our vehicles have protective shields to create a transparent partition to reduce contact between the customer and driver to a minimum. Cars with a protective shield can be requested when booking. We also have hand sanitizer available in all our vehicles.

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