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About Wellman Cars

Wellman Cars is a family run business which was established in 1988. Since then we have grown from ten drivers to a steady eighty part-time/full-time drivers at present. This makes us the largest private hire company in Hamilton, with our base at Hillhouse Industrial Estate, Hamilton.

Wellman Cars have invested in the latest technology to meet our customer's needs. Ten years after bringing in the first Auriga Sirius data dispatch system, we have seen the need to re-invest to keep up with market demands of our growing business. We have therefore signed a deal with a world leading data dispatch company Auriga Evocab, which will lead to large improvements in our level of service to our customers.

Genuine Intelligent Dispatch - We are able to dispatch the nearest car to our customer therefore cutting down on waiting time.

G.P.S. Satellite tracking in all our fleet - So we will be able to tell you exactly where your car is when you phone.

Ring Back - No longer having to look out the window for your car or listen for the terrible loud horn sounds late at night. (free service)

Text Back - NEW feature - Now when you book your car you will receive a FREE text to your mobile with the details of the journey you've just booked. Then when the car is approaching a second text will be sent giving you the car details, all added safety to make sure you get into the correct car.

Credit Card Payments - Pay when making your booking by telephone.

One thing we won't change is our commitment to being Hamilton's No.1 Private Hire Company. We set the standards! 

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